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In it, I will very publicly share my quest to achieve specific health goals over those 15 weeks!


What kind of seeds will you sow for your life, and how will you nourish those seeds?     “If you sow wheat, you won’t get rice, if you sow rice, you won’t get wheat.” [quote by Lokesh Chandra in Buddhism: A Way of Values, from which he says the idea of karma emerged]
Just  as cherry, plum, peach and damson blossoms all possess their own unique  qualities, each person is unique. We cannot become someone else. The
important thing is that we live true to ourselves and cause the great
flower of our lives to blossom.
Daisaku Ikeda


How can we establish, maintain, recover sound  health in our stress-, information- and pollutant-filled lives?  Doing so can be a time-consuming, frustrating challenge. Seemingly, it requires a village of concerned, discriminating consumers working together to keep up with the best currently available information.


My wish for this website is to inspire, and to share practical wisdom that promotes resounding health,  and opens the way to an ever more fulfilling life for each reader.  I intend to


  • share my  discoveries/insights in earnest pursuit of great health,
  • connect you with  new/emerging trends of understanding,
  • share my musings  and seek those of visitors by blogs, one on this site focused more narrowly on nutrition, lifestyle and the healing and inspiring power of music, and a second blog focused on health writ large , that encompasses many more dimensions of health, including mental well-being, motivation, hope, healthy surroundings, a sense of purpose, friendship, love and connectedness with others.
  • providing the most  valuable resources through links  to other great, cutting edgeandrew_bruck_violin websites.
Toward that end, I have earned certification as a holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Please visit my coaching website to learn more.


Music, too, is a source of health and sanity. Being a professional, classically trained violinist currently employed by the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, I am dedicated both to teaching and to performing music to inspire you and your friends. I teach piano and violin to students of all ages. My performances span the whole gamut of possibilities: weddings, parties, hospital, home.   
Please enjoy your visit, and come back often to this living, evolving website!
Sincerely, Andy Bruck (ABruck1821@aol.com)